Oishi Marty's Snack Chay 'Journey'

BACKGROUND:  The inspiration of Oishi Marty’s Snack Chay came from Roasted Pork Skin - “Chicharon”, which is a famous but is known to be a very unhealthy snack in the Philippines. Oishi captured the real taste of Roasted pork skin and managed to make it healthy by using vegetable ingredients. 

CHALLENGE:  Since it will also be launched in Vietnam, the Vietnamese does not have any concept about this famous delicacy snack in the Philippines. Without this background, how do we cut through the Vietnamese audience and give them a reason why they should try our snack?

SOLUTION:  Instead of communicating that their is a healthy alternative to “roasted pork skin”. We reversed the messaging by saying that “there is a vegetable that taste like real pork”.

CONCEPT: "Unbelievable but true. Vegetable that tastes like pork."



Key Visual



Press Launch


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